I Don't Even -

Disclaimer: I will, from now on, do my best to avoid self-pitying complaints about being behind and dropping the ball etc etc. Lame and lamer. Suck it up, buttercup.

Tons of pictures because I don't know how many Posts I've missed! Sleep depravation because I'm a still a crazy voluntary insomniac! Possibly more sleep depravation because I may be getting hired as a full-time baker at Bubby Rose's (which means I will be a REAL baker, not a "faker" as we call ourselves at CG)! Lots of joy and beer because the semester is completely done for the summer! (Note also lots of riding bikes and lounging in the sun)

Also lots of shows, I hope. Vancouver folks - I'm playing at the Kits Wired Monk this coming Wednesday (the 27th). Something about a fundraiser for European handball. I don't even know. So stoked for the city. June 24th and 25th: West My Friend is playing at Campbell Bay Fest again. Also! We have actual, physical, real-life CDs now! Seriously! If you want one, let me know and I can hook you up. Five bucks gets you a hand-made, stamped, glue-and-plastic-free CD sleeve with Homesick Blues, Angels In The City, The Crow, and Tic-a-Toc. We've been told by many sources that, apparently, we sound pretty swell, so it could probably be in your best interest to head over to our Myspace to give said tracks a listen.

That was extremely rambling and crammed and poorly formatted, but y'all can just deal with it. Lot of info and I'm tired from earlier-mentioned "sleep" patterns and hiking (*cough* scrambling *cough*) up Mt Doug this afternoon. Enjoy the enormous picture pile!

And because they disabled embedding, here is the fantastic video of "Blackout" from Muse's Live At Wembley DVD. Continue enjoying!

"Blackout, Live At Wembley Stadium"


Sunday Post


Post is finally up, and it's still Sunday. Whoo.

My back and chest are killing me. Quite possibly literally. I'm hitting the clinic tomorrow or Tuesday. Yaaaaay.



Dan Mangan - The CBC Sessions (2009) from Neil Mangan on Vimeo.


Not Dead, Just Sleeping...

I wish I was just sleeping. Good God. But seriously, not dead.

I am almost done the school year. Exams wrapped last week, I finished my last assignment last night, and now I've just got a lot of practicing to do for a pair of recitals and an audition. In any case, with the combination of crazy school deals and church, I've missed Sunday Post for.... three weeks? Four?

My Bad.

Anyway, no more! I'm hoping to get myself back on the saddle.

In other news, Vanessa is moving out and we've already got a new roomie lined up; surprise surprise - she is a friend of Bronnie's and has mutual friends with me. Crazy house vortex has come full circle. I'm also (obviously) finally staying in Victoria for the summer. I'm ecstatic. In two weeks this will the longest I've lived anywhere in three years.

Expect lots of pictures on Sunday. In the meantime, here's the first of a two-parter on Dan Mangan, an absolutely amazing and hug-able musician from Vancouver.


Sunday Post

Hello all!
I'm unfortunately super busy and have to rush off to work lickety split, so picture pile today. However, I find this AMAZING video that you get to watch instead. Woohoo!

Bicycle Samba from John Hendicott on Vimeo.


Sunday Post

Hullo, hullo. I'ma keep it brief cause I've desperately got to go get homework and practicing done. But anyway, pictures once again! Kaloo kalay!

Have a good week, everyone!